Is it possible to mute wiretap?

The devices used for espionage have advanced so much in recent years that some of them are virtually undetectable today. Such devices are so small that they can be hidden in front of us. In order to avoid listening, you can purchase special devices, which will be discussed today.

Do you want to be sure that no one is following you? To do this, you need to purchase a listening device detector. It is especially useful for entrepreneurs and others who may have trade secrets and other personal details.

What is a GSM microphone?

You may have heard about this technology and its spying capabilities, but you don't know exactly what it is, so let's take a closer look at this device.

The GSM microphone is a modern and easy-to-use device. Basically, it works like a mobile phone.

This is the microphone to which the SIM card of any telephone company is added. Thus, a telephone connection is established between the microphone and the telephone of the person who placed it, so that this person can listen to all conversations taking place in the room where the microphone is hidden.

This is a very sophisticated spy system as the microphone is so small that it can be hidden anywhere, on a shelf, next to an alarm clock, in a desk drawer and so on.

How to detect a GSM microphone

These devices have two main forms of operation. In the first, the subject makes a call from their phone to the microphone's SIM card, thereby activating the device. From now on, whoever is on the other end of the telephone line can hear whatever the microphone picks up.

The most advanced models have a system that sends an alert to the user. Every time more than X decibels of noise occurs, the microphone rings the phone of the person who installed it so that he can continue listening. This system is the most used, as it allows you to save battery power in the microphone.

Each of us may experience wiretapping. As a rule, this is done by people with not good intentions. Therefore, you need to be ready for everything. For this, special plugs are used.

How do you know you're bugged?

If you have any suspicions that you are being tapped, then pay attention to your surroundings. If someone knows more about your plans than you might expect, think about it.

If someone close to you often knows what your plans are for the next few days, who has recently visited your home, or even has information about topics that you know you have not discussed with this person, they may be spying on you.